Sparking Curiosity and Igniting Passions in Learners

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I have begun my second IMMOOC (Innovator’s Mindset Massive Open Online Course) and am reading Learner Centered Innovation by Katie Martin (last year it was The Innovator’s Mindset  by George Couros).  A suggested topic of discussion is:  “Why is it critical to spark curiosity and ignite passions in learners?” I have been on a journey… Continue reading

Reflection on Social Media and Junior High Students

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I was reminded this week that I believe adults need to teach students how to appropriately use technology, including social media.  At school, we had many instances where students used google hangout and google chat to be unkind to other students, and in inappropriate ways with inappropriate language.  My first instinct, because we had so… Continue reading

A Look In: Purposeful Use of Digital Portfolios for Student Reflection

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Anthony Gabriele is the Supervisor for Curriculum & Instruction for the Garnet Valley School District. He has been an English Teacher, Instructional Literacy and Technology Coach, and is Senior Adjunct Faculty for the University of Pennsylvania’s Penn Literacy Network. He is in constant pursuit of ways to engage learners through purposeful design of curriculum and… Continue reading

Biases about Learning

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I joined an “Innovative Teaching Academy” class that started April 6 and will extend through September.  It really has me thinking about things differently.  Here is an example that was shared in the class- learning how to ride a backwards bicycle: The point of it is to ask ourselves what our learning biases are.  Do… Continue reading

Getting the students’ perspective

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Being a part of the Innovative Teaching Academy 17 (#ITA17) has elevated my passion already, and we are two weeks in!  A.J. Guliani does an excellent job of supporting and asking questions, while George Couros has been the devil’s advocate – for good, of course.  Why do we do what we do?  Educators got into… Continue reading